New Features Release: Action Menu, Project Overview Page, and File Browsing for App Results

With our latest deployment, the BaseSpace team has released some new features; many of which were suggested by our users through UserVoice. 

1. We have redesigned the action menu, removing the “cog” from many of our pages.  Actions such as: “share”, “edit project details”, and “get link” are now more accessible, no longer hidden under our cog menu.


  • “Share” will launch the share by email feature.
  • “Edit Project Details” shall allow you to edit the Project Name and Notes.
  • “Get Link” creates a link that you may use to have other’s access your project.

2. The Project Overview page has been redesigned.  You may now see your Collaborators, App Results, Samples, and Project Details.  This page is modeled after our run overview page which you may already be familiar with.


Selection of App Results, Collaborators, or Samples via the Navigation Panel or the panes in the overview page will bring you to a full screen list view of those items.

3. The file browser is available from your App Results page.  By Selecting the Files icon from the navigation panel you will launch the file browser for the project dataset.


4. Once in the file browser, you may navigate to any file in that project and download it by selecting the “download” button.


Thank you for your excellent feedback through UserVoice.  We will continue to take your feedback and suggestions into consideration with every release of BaseSpace.

BaseSpace Team

Published by

Pav Gajkowski

Staff Engineer for BaseSpace Team @ Illumina.

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