IGV Genome Browser — Streamlined and Updated

We just released an important update to BaseSpace IGV that adds several new features and bug fixes.

Launch IGV from the App Store
Launch IGV from the App Store

First, we updated to Broad IGV version 2.3 (from version 2.1). This update includes many new useful features from The Broad Institute, which you can read about here.

IGV BaseSpace menu

We also improved the BaseSpace data browser within IGV. You can now select BaseSpace data to load into IGV from a separate window, which keeps the primary IGV window clean for analyzing sequencing data. The new data browser will open every time you launch IGV from BaseSpace. You can also access the browser from the ‘BaseSpace ‘ menu in IGV.

BaseSpace IGV data browser

Finally, we improved how BaseSpace IGV is launched and updated. After you launch IGV for the first time, we cache the downloaded files on your computer so that subsequent launches are very fast. When we release updates to IGV, these will be automatically downloaded on your next app launch. Also, if IGV is already open on your computer, launching from BaseSpace now adds the newly launched data into IGV.

We hope that these improvements will allow you to quickly and easily view your BaseSpace data in IGV.

Published by

Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a product owner for BaseSpace.

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